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Explore Peru


Please check out our sample itinerary for Peru tour. To learn more about this unique travel opportunity, please contact us.


Day 1: Lima

Upon arrival, reception and transfer to your hotel (private service)


Day 2: Lima


You will visit the modern and colonial parts of Lima, “The City of Kings”, starting with the Miraflores and San Isidro districts. Along the way you will see a Huaca or pre-Inca Holy Space. You will stop at the Parque del Amor (Love Park), located in Miraflores’ ocean-side walk, where you will enjoy an incomparable view of the Pacific Ocean. You will also visit the Historic Center, where you will find the Main Square - a place that encompasses the Government Palace, the Archbishop’s Palace, the City Hall and The Cathedral- and you will visit one of colonial architecture’s most important convents.


Day 3: Lima


Today is devoted to one of Latin America’s most complete museums, the Larco Museum, with its unequaled private collection called the Treasures of Ancient Peru; it inspires its visitors to discover, learn about, and enjoy the more than five thousand years of the history of ancient Peru. There are more than 45,000 ceramic artifacts on display, mostly from the Mochicas, which were compiled by Rafael Larco Hoyle, an important Peruvian archeologist and major collector. One of its most remarkable sections is the collection of so-called “erotic” pottery.


Day 4: Lima, Paracas

Private vehicle and guide for 3 days to go to Paracas and Ica

You will be picked up at your hotel in Lima, drive south along the Pacific Coast to your hotel in Paracas. Along this way, you will pass through the different types of desert and oasis, landscapes while your guide will introduce you to the new Peru coastal population as well as to the various vestiges of ancient civilizations.


HD TAMBO COLORADO FROM PARACAS // TIME: 03:00 hours (approximately) (private service)

You will be transferred to Paracas a small bay that is 285 kilometers south of Lima. Its name means "rain of sand” due to the winds actually carrying sand; these winds can reach speeds of 32 km per hour. From here you will visit the archaeological site of Tambo Colorado as well as its museum, the Inca Origins Administrative Center. It is located on the right bank of the Pisco river valley. Built entirely of adobe, it was one of the most important administrative centers established by the Incas on the coast. The name given is due to the predominance of the red color of its buildings. Tambo Colorado, aka Pucallacta or Pucahuasi (of puca = red in the Quechua language), is divided into three major sectors: North, Central and South, separated by the road coming down from the mountains to the coast and a large trapezoidal plaza, possessing a ushno, which is a small platform where the Inca led the most important festivities. From the top you can overlook much of the broad and fertile valley that extends towards the sea. Return to the hotle


Day 5: Paracas, Pisco, Ica, Paracas

AM Overflight the Nazca Lines (from Pisco) – SHARED SERVICE

You will be transferred to the local airport for your flight over the incredible Nazca Lines, drawn on the pampas of the same name. You will see several figures of stylized plants and animals drawn in an enormous labyrinth of straight lines, trapezoids, triangles, and spirals scattered about the desert floor that has remained preserved for about 2000 years.



Afterwards, we will go to Ica city. To start the Ica city tour, including a visit to the Regional Museum of Ica, visit to a traditional winery, Huacachina Lagoon and a tour around old and new Ica. Then you will go around the main wineries where this Peruvian liquor is made. We will start our visit at El Catador winery, operating since 1865 and Great Golden Medal awarded on the Pure Aromatic Pisco category on 2004. The facilities will be shown, especially its falca, a cement-covered copper pot, used in our country since ancestral times to ellaborate this liquor that nowadays has been replaced in most wineries by the still. The route will continue visiting the winery Vista Alegre, which was founded by brothers Picasso, from Italy in 1857. After tasting some piscos, we will go by the scent and flavor filled deserts and get to an oasis that hosts the well known Tacama winery. Located in a Jesuit estate, this is one of the first piscos and wines industrial plant. It processes 6 million tons of grape to ellaborate their liquors and has 180 hectares of vineyard. Return to Paracas.


Day 6: Paracas, Lima


This 2 hour boat ride will lead you to visit the Ballestas Islands situated off the coast of the Paracas Reserve, Peru's largest coastal wildlife sanctuary. These two beautiful islands are home to thousands of resident migratory sea birds. These include pelicans, boobies, cormorants, gulls among others, who share their habitat with colonies of sea lions. On the way you will also see one of the mysteriously drawing etched on the desert face, the Candlestick.

Afternoon return to Lima.


Day 7: Lima, Cusco

Transfer to Lima airport to board your flight to Cusco (private service)

Upn arrival in Cusco, reception and transfer to your hotel


HD CITY TOUR & NEARBY RUINS (private service)

You will visit the Imperial City, a living example of the mixture between Andean and Spanish cultures. You will start the tour in the Koricancha Temple, an ancient Inca palace and main worship site for the Sun God. Then, you will visit the Main Square, where you’ll take a tour of the Cathedral. You will make a stop at the San Cristobal Viewpoint, from where you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the city. You will continue over to the Sacsayhuamán Fortress, an awe-inspiring feat of Incan military architecture that reigns over the city. Then, you will visit the Kenko archeological site and the panoramic view of the Puca-Pucara archeological complex. Finally, you will stop by the Inka’s Expression art workshop, which introduces you to artists working with silver, paint and wood; the perfect visit to further understand Andean art.


Day 8: Cuzco, Machu Picchu

Transfer to train station (private service)

FULL DAY MACHU PICCHU + LUNCH – VISTADOME With private local GUIDE (includes train tickets, bus tickets, entrance to the citadel, lunch and guided tour)

Awaiting you today is by far and away one of the high points in world tourism: Machu Picchu. Your adventure starts on a train ride to the city of Aguas Calientes, where you will disembark and then board a bus that drives you to the actual Machu Picchu archaeological site, where you will meet your guide and have an experience you will never forget. You will discover this New 7 Wonder of the World and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sit.


Day 9: Machu Picchu, Cusco

Second entrance to Machu Picchu – includes round trip bus ride; does not include guide or lunch.

Morning is free to visit the Machu Picchu archeological complex on your own.

OPTIONAL: please add $ 20.00 net per pax if you want to climb the Huayna Picchu Mountain. Spaces are subject to availability; you must book four months in advance aprox.


Day 10: Cusco, Lima

Transfer to Cusco airport to board your flight back to Lima

Arrival, reception and transfer to your hotel

Rest of the day at leisure


Day 11: Lima, Iquitos

Transfer to Lima airport to board your flight to Iquitos (private service)

Arrival we will start the 3 Days / 2 nights HELICONIA LODGE program – SHARED SERVICES

You will be met and welcomed by our staff at the Luggage Claim area of the Iquitos Int’l Airport where our staff will assist you and transfer to our Office in Iquitos town proper. A briefing about our services, what to expect during your stay, the do’s and don’ts in the jungle and some essential tips will be carried out shortly. Soon after, you will transfer to the Iquitos Port, where you will board one of our speedboats to take you to the Heliconia Amazon River Lodge along the Amazon River.


During the boat ride observe the convergence of the brown turbid waters of the Amazon River with the dark waters of the Nanay River. Enjoy the impressive jungle landscapes with the rustic small houses of the riverside towns. Then have a short stopover in Monkey Island, a family social enterprise focused on conserving and protecting endangered monkey species in the Northern Amazon. The goal is to enlighten rainforest guests on the effort to reintegrate monkeys and their survival in the wild. See the monkeys free in this reserve, not in cages, their temporary stay here depends on their capability to adapt back to its jungle habitat. After a 90 minute boat ride arrive at the Lodge where our staff will welcome you with an exotic jungle drink. Next check-in and settling in your room, at your leisure, taste your first Amazonia cuisine lunch. In the afternoon, begin your first excursion: set out to a jungle hike into the Yanamono primary rainforest reserve, for approximately two hours accompanied by our expert guides. They will show you identify several flora species such as heliconia flowers, medicinal plants and giant trees.


Return to the lodge for rest and relaxation and be enthralled by your first, must-not-miss Amazon Sunset. As the evening comes around, during high tide, take a boat ride along one of the Amazon River’s tributaries for an exciting evening in the jungle, with no lights, perhaps just some jungle flora and fauna sparkling in the dark. You will have to trust your expert boat guide to take you where you can appreciate and listen to the magical sounds of the jungle. If it is a clear night, you will see the bright magnificent moonlight, as well as observe the stars and constellations. With some luck you can also see some falling stars which are quite common in the area. Shortly, go back to the Lodge to rest and relax for an early wake up the next day.


Day 12: Iquitos

Rise early for the Morning Bird Watching. In order to see the birds flocked together during their morning feeding time, you will start very early going by boat to one of the several streams (best on high tide) to look out for a number of variety of birds. Thereafter, you will return to the lodge, for a scrumptious and energizing breakfast. Take a little rest and then you will set off to a Native Fishing expedition unto one of the small tributaries of the Amazon River. Learn the local techniques of fishing and for the most daring you can try to fish for Piranhas. During this excursion you can also have the opportunity to look out for the Pink River Dolphin (Inia Geoffrensis). If you are lucky you have your catch cooked for lunch, when you return to the Lodge.


After After lunch, you will board the boat towards a lake in Yanamono island (best on high tide) where you will be able to glimpse the Giant Water Lily, the Victoria Regia, the “Queen of water lilies”. Now renamed Victoria Amazonica, these native flora in the shallow waters of the Amazon River basin are mostly found in oxbow lakes and bayous. Victoria Amazonica is well known for its huge circular leaves, which are often pictured with a small child sitting at the center of its leaf to display their size and strength.


Then consider the Nature Night Hike. Go on an enchanting evening trek within the secure periphery of the Lodge and you will witness the entrancing transformation from daytime to a night atmosphere. As you adjust to the dark environment you will appreciate the rainforest takes on a very different character and be aware of the existence and habits of nocturnal jungle animals. It’s the best time to see stunning tree frogs, shy snakes, and other rainforest creatures that only come out at night. Discern a range of completely distinctive fauna from the day as you listen to magical sounds of insects, birds, jungle cats and night owls. Back to the Lodge for Dinner.


Day 13: Iquitos, Lima

Wake up late or rise early — the choice is yours. Breakfast begins at 8:00 a.m., for those who want to avoid the heat, and enjoy nature at its fullest. After breakfast, we will visit a riverside town to see an indigenous tribe of the Yaguas community where you will have the opportunity to learn and see their way of life in the Amazon River. See their homes, school, church, shops and interact with the people, learn their techniques of fishing and farming. Observe their customs and tradition and get enlightened by their unaffected and austere way of living.


Return to the Lodge for lunch and check-out. After lunch, depending on your flight schedule, transfer to Iquitos City and according to your departure, transfer to the airport.


Day 14: Lima


You will take a tour of the Gold Museum of Peru, that houses one of the largest Pre Incan and Incan private art collections in town. On exhibit is an immense number of pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, pottery pieces, tools, weapons, and burial offerings. There is also an important collection of textiles and an impressive collection of weapons.


Day 15: Lima, out


You will visit a handicrafts Market, a great opportunity to appreciate and acquire excellent Peruvian art pieces and handicrafts. Then, you will have the opportunity to shop in Kuna, where you can find fine design garments in alpaca wool, one of the finest fibers in the world, created using the art and magic of Peru's milennial textile manufacturing tradition. Later, you will visit Larcomar, a shopping and entertainment center with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, an excellent place to continue the fun. The tour will end in Larcomar or in your hotel.

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